Monday, August 18, 2008

Fires and frustration

So, I tried to load a couple pictures of quilts, but I have no clue where they ended up?! If nothing else, my blog can be a good source of comic relief!

Where we live, it is wild fire season. Today we had nasty thunderstorms which, of course, means lightning strikes and more fires. At 3:15 p.m. today my hubby got a call from his employer and they were shipping him and two other guys out to run CATs, etc. on one of the larger fires near us. This sounds exciting to me, a new adventure! I am not sure he was quite as excited, ha! The storms also caused me to lose my internet connection 5 times so far today, so getting my work done by my 5 p.m. deadline was impossible!

I am working on several swaps that I have joined and I am so excited about them. Anxious to enter this new fun part of the art world!

I best get back to my transcription! Happy evening! Pictures soon, I promise! Tan